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Guitar Shorty
by Don Brown Sr.
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blueNote    Guitar Shorty plays the Railhead on May 8, 2003
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Guitar Shorty at the Railhead, Las Vegas

Guitar Shorty and his band made it back to the Railhead at Boulder Station. Thank god Shorty brought a great backing band with him. They started the show without Guitar Shorty, just like B.B. King and others have done for years. By the third song, the star usually appears and the show gets kicked into high gear. It took six songs before Shorty made his appearance.

When Shorty finally made it to the stage, he was all business. From the opening instrumental, Shorty let it all hang out. "I Wonder Who's Sleeping In My Bed" lead into the guitar riff from "Smoke On The Water." Shorty also roamed around the crowd, playing behind his back and with this teeth.

B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" lead into "They Call Me Guitar Shorty" which lead into the Jimi Hendrix version of "Star Spangled Banner," and finally, "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" to end an OK set.

I wonder what happened that made him so late in hitting the stage. The day before the show, April 17th, Al Hendrix died. He was Shorty's father-in-law at one time, and the two remained close. Hopefully next time all will be right with the world and Shorty's head will be in the right place and his show will be better.

[Editor's Note: Seattle. James Al Hendrix died in his sleep Wednesday, April 17, 2002. He was 82 and had long been battling congestive heart failure.]

Photography by R.J. Bianchino copyright 2002-2003 Moondog Productions

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