Forever Changes album cover
Forever Changes

It was the summer of 1967 when Love recorded Forever Changes. It was their third and greatest album. To this day you'll find it at the top of many "greatest albums of all time" lists. While not Jazz, it contains many jazz-like qualities. Just give a listen to Alone Again Or and you will hear what I mean. Pay attention to the arrangement, the orchestration, and the supurb vocals. And listen to the entrance of the horn section. Now. What's the connection of this page to my Jazz site? Simply put, it's my What's New page. For things like Jazz, Love, and Websites are forever changing. Peace. ~bion~

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The process of overhauling the entire site is monumental. Especially since the original was made with WebTV! So please bare with me. Of late I've concentrated on two other major projects which are of related interest. So for a breath of fresh Jazz n' Blues air check out the following web pages.

You'll find that Las Vegas Jazz n' Blues just may contain some useful content. Especially if you plan to visit the glitter capital of the world. I've found that all that glitters is not Jazz or Blues, so I created this site as a necessary guide to the Jazz n' Blues music scene in Las Vegas.

For the more blusey visitors there is The Boulder Blues Site. This name refers to Boulder Station Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Every Thursday is Blues Night in one of the lounges. And Blues it is! Take a look at the impressive lineup of Bluemen. By the way, these shows are free. Both these websites feature photos I've taken of jazz and blues artists throughout the years.

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